Lung Cancer

Muscle Wasting in Metastatic Lung Cancer

Start Date: January 30, 2012
Trial Phase: III
Trial Status: closed
Therapy Type: Drug

Trial Description:
Patients receiving first line Platinum-Taxane based chemotherapy will be given an Investigation Product to help improve their physical functions, lean body mass and possibly aid in their overall survival.

Candidate Profile:
Adults with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer about to receive their first treatment for Advanced Disease who have a reasonable good performance and wish to improve or stablize muscle function while undergoing their cancer treatments.

Goal of Treatment:
Evaluate New Drug in Improving Muscle Function in patients with advanced Lung cancer

Sponsor Name:
To Be Disclosed

Sponsor Information:
While all of our trial sponsors are reputable scientific organizations, the sponsor for this, and many other studies prefers not be identified publicly before the trial is underway. Should you be contacted about participating in this trial, we will share with you the name and background of its sponsor.