What makes a good clinical investigator?

IMR is continually looking to engage with credible, capable physicians and practices across South Florida in order to successfully conduct trials on behalf of patients and our research sponsors.

We’re often asked what makes for a good clinical investigator partnership with Innovative Medical Research.

The most important part of any good relationship is trust. Trust that you will conduct recommend and conduct studies only where they’re in the best interest of your patients. Trust that, together with IMR, we can provide the data and care necessary to complete these studies with a high degree of scientific accuracy. When IMR begins a relationship with a new physician, the expectations and opportunities are discussed in great detail in order to foster the trust needed to conduct these studies.

In addition, a good Clinical Investigator…

  • Is available to meet with study staff and monitor for pre-visit and site initiation visits.
  • Should be able to answer all clinical questions about his patients related to study procedures, report any abnormal (adverse) events, any hospitalizations or emergency room visits.
  • When needed, creates clear roles on his staff for patient care, record keeping, drug dispensing and lab work. 
  • Will follow the protocol as outlined
  • Ask for assistance to determine if changes in dosing, etc are allowed.
  • Provide IMR’s clinical coordinator regular access to all patient records pertaining to the trial for review and reporting purposes.
  • Ensure all staff and nurses are clear on the goals and expectations of the study.
  • Will allow IMR to manage the dispensing of all drugs, collect specimens for shipment to central labs.

If you’re interested in partnering with IMR, please call us at 305-759-1881.