Joining a Clinical Study

At Innovative Medical Research, we find, evaluate and facilitate cutting-edge treatments and devices that cure or provide relief for a range of conditions. We closely scrutinize every clinical trial we administer by examining its underlying science, the proposed treatment plan, as well as initial data on patient outcomes. Our hope and goal is that the development of these new therapies — and the careful administration of their clinical trials — will improve the quality of life for our patients and will benefit mankind as a whole.  Our mission is to maintain scientific integrity throughout each trial, while providing the utmost respect, open communication and the highest level of healthcare service possible to our patients.

Access to Advanced Therapies and Treatments

Joining a clinical study provides you with many possible benefits. First, it gives you access to newest possible therapies — something very valuable when current treatments for your condition are not as effective as you would like.

Access to Highly Trained Medical Professionals

Clinical trials also provide patients with closer supervision by highly-trained medical professionals. Our participating healthcare practices pay close attention to you, not only as a research subject in their study, but to you as a patient and a human being. They take the time to explain all known risks and any possible side effects prior to beginning any trial, and address any questions or concerns you may have. They are also available in case of emergencies. You’ll often receive additional testing, including blood tests, scans, or MRI’s as dictated by the study.

Compensation for Your Participation

For all trials, IMR will cover your transportation expenses. For some trials, additional financial compensation is available.